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Specialising in challenging behaviour- including focus and calm for over- excitement and fear/ aggression


  1. Hi, We are collecting our new pup on the 23rd June. He is having his first jab on the 21st June. What date could he start the puppy classes? Do you have spaces?

    • Hiya and congratulations! Our next set of classes begin on either Tuesday 31st July to 4th September or Thursday 2nd August to 6th September, it’s from 7 to 8pm in Abington Community Centre. If you’d like to book in, please give me a shout- if it’s easier, please feel free to ring or text on 0751 976 2411. Sue

  2. Good evening,

    We are getting our new puppy this Sunday and would like to enrole him onto the course. He is having his second injections this Friday. When is the soonest we can get him onto the class?



    • Congratulations Hannah!
      Pups can start as soon as their first injection is working (we follow the same rules as puppy parties at the vets).
      Our next course starts on the 17th or the 19th of this month (October) so that’s excellent timing 🙂
      The Tuesday class, however, has only one space left so if that’s the one you’d prefer, please ring or text 0751 976 2411 or 01604 947728 asap.
      Many thanks, Sue

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