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We are pleased and proud as punch to announce the arrival of 8 Labrador puppies.

We slept on a mattress in the living room Wednesday night, on going to bed Poppy’s eyes looking a little wired and she was panting a bit. Shortly before 7 I woke to the cries of a newborn. Poppy was sitting on the sofa with the tiny baby and an expression of pure delight. Look what I got! I love it! can I keep it!

The vet had said they could not get a head count in the scan, they didn’t seem to be able to spot any more than the one, maybe possible two. “Certainly wasn’t as many as 6- she’s not having a big litter, but the good news is, she’s definitely pregnant”.

The pup was small, dark with a little pink nose and a shiny dark coat. A girl. Loud!

Soon Poppy looked uncomfortable, moved away and sniffed and fussed about herself. Number two. Dark girl.

She licked and laughed, but couldn’t seem to settle, didn’t yet want the loo or nourishment. Soon she moved away again. 3, 4, 5 dark small squeaky puppies. All girls, 5-0.

Wow! This must be it, we thought, time for a cuppa. Despite devouring some thin chicken stock she still did not want solid food or a wee… more to come.

6 was a boy! 7 a girl and 8 a boy.

One tired but happy mum and 8 tiny new lives. Then Poppy wanted some food. 3 chicken breasts and a leg later she licked her lips and went back to the pups. Go girl!

They all ate and squirmed over her tummy like little frogs vying for the warmest spot near the milk. The noises of Poppy laughing and them happily sucking would melt anyone’s heart.

Once they had dried off a bit their colours were more evident- we have 4 black girls, 2 brown girls, a brown boy and a black boy.

Poppy is s jolly and conscientious pet, and she’s proving to be really attentive wonderful mum. We’re so proud of her!

Picture an expectant father pacing up and down the hospital waiting room of a 50’s film- cigars in his pocket ready but unsmoked, his shoe leather thins with each pace and every long second. Every time the door opens he snaps his head round and involuntarily holds his breath- it’s the tea lady again. His heart returns to his throat and he continues pacing, beginning again the process of trying to make time go faster.

I don’t have any cigars and I have to make my own coffee but I certainly recognise the sentiment.

Poppy, however, is absolutely fine and lying on the sofa snoring.

She does like the whelping box- it’s home made with a pig rail and lined with a remnant of vinyl. Her soft toy and favourite cushion are in there.

I feel ready, all the dog’s towels are washed, we have a large newspaper collection, the camera has been charged, I’ve cooked her a special tea for after (chicken and carrots) and you would need a large stick to wave at all the cleaning products. All we have to do is wait for Mother Nature now.

Next time she goes out to toilet I must point out where the gooseberry bush is.

Hello ;)

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