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5 month old Labrador puppy Willow cut her paw!

Yesterday, (25th June 2012) Willow was playing in the pond in Abington Park when she came hobbling back to me with bright red blood spurting out of her paw. I scooped her up and we hurried to the vets. Once they had got the mud off her they saw she had a nasty cut between her pads on her right hind leg. They set about cleaning and dressing  the wound whilst we waited anxiously with the other dogs. We must really have looked a sight- covered in mud and blood and pacing about for what seemed an eternity (but was really about half an hour). Suddenly little Willow rushed over to us as best she could with a big vibrant green bandage which looked a bit like a plaster!

So there must be glass in the pond in Abington park- beware 🙁

It was the “top” pond, the square one that looked like it could have been a paddling pool (at one point)

Update: Willow went to the vets for a bandage change 2 days after her accident and the vet was very impressed, saying the cut had healed twice as fast as she expected! Willow didn’t need a second bandage and she’s now pretty much back to her bouncy self. Maybe her super fast recovery is due to our biologically appropriate real food (barf) diet, which Willow has had all her life, since her conception.


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Tired Poppy and Willow, our lovely labs and Smudge, our beardie after their walk yesterday.

We went to Delapre Abbey for our weekly Jolly Jaunts and they had an amazing time – a speedboat was dashing about the lake and make huge waves lap onto the bank- causing much amusement.

Willow is going to be 5 months in a few days and she is loosing teeth and getting bigger and bigger. When I see her out of the corner of my eye I now sometimes mistake her for her mother. We picked one of the brown pups in the hope we would be able to quickly tell them apart when they are similar size- but as yet Willow’s fur, overall, is still quite dark. When they were born it was hard to tell the 4 brown dogs from the 4 black dogs, you needed to look really closely. The brown half of the litter had pinker noses, much paler pads on their paws and their tiny baby claws where white underneath. As Wills gets older she is turning more brown, especially round her face. It’s very obvious now especially when she sits in the sun and next to her Mum, who’s shiny black. I think Willow will always be quite a dark dog- though time will tell.

There are four genes that dictate the colour of Labradors- firstly, the dominant black gene. The second and third are the other two ‘base’ coats-  yellow and chocolate. The fourth gene determines how light or dark the yellow or chocolate coat will be.

So Poppy and Rufus are black, which is the dominant gene, yet Willow (and 3 of her siblings) were born brown… pedigrees do not say what colour dogs were but logic dictates that there must have been a different coloured ancestor somewhere on both sides.

Here’s Smudge the beardie, having a lie down. She had enjoyed a good run and had been entertaining us with her antics playing on the shore with the waves that the speedboat made. Smudgey isn’t so keen as Poppy or Willow when it comes to swimming, although she’s very able she prefers to keep the top of her back dry unless it’s baking sunshine. She has an undercoat as well as her longer coat- you can see it’s lighter grey on her leg where the wind has parted her fur. As a pup, Smudgey used to be a very dark charcoal colour and had lightened as she matured. I find it easier to groom her for a short amount every day, rather than have a long session less frequently. I prefer to groom her a good while after she has her walks as brushing wet fur doesn’t do it any good.

Smudgey loves to give you a big slurpy lick and this is the expression she usually has just beforehand. Over time, the better you know your dog the better you can pre-empt and prevent behaviours that you’d prefer to discourage. Tickling usually works then with Smudgey 🙂