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Here is a sponsor form I made for the walk we are doing on Saturday the 1st of June. Although we are doing the walk primarily to raise awareness, any money that is raised will go to the new CRPS research and development site, which will be a resource centre for doctors and patients suffering with this rare neurological problem. Please click on the picture, press print and fill it in!

Good Luck, Sue 🙂


Apologies, this post has been moved to our training information guide here

Hopefully there is bearded collie puppies on the way!


P1020279Bryonyhill Triple Truffle and our Smudge got on famously and if their mating was successful, she will be due around the 20th of June.

Test results:

Both dogs have hip scores of 3:3

The KC’s virtual mating inbreeding calculator said that the puppies would be 3% lower than average for beardies

Watch this space!



Many thanks to those who helped in my search!

From all the people I rang up …. including Sue Bird whose number I found when I was checking out any beardie stud who had fantastic genetic diversity, sadly her beautiful boy was older than the internet led me to expect, but her advice was brilliant.

Many thanks are due to Sue Hood and also to the very lovely Lesley, and to Mel Carter for invaluable advice about progsterone levels. A huge round off applause is due to Karen Edwards- her calm and confident manner set just the right tone and I was able to pick her brains and learn some fantastic tips. It was a joy to see her beautiful Roxilyn dogs- I must admit I rather popped a fuse when I saw those gorgeous beardies!

Here’s hoping … more news on Smudgey soon!

Bearded Collie Stud Dog Needed!


Well, there’s timing for you …. Smudge’s hip scores are in: she’s 3:3! We’re very lucky her scores are so low, the vet is as pleased as punch, he said  a total score of 6 is unheard of in a Bearded Collie! But she’s coming into heat, started bleeding on Sunday morning! This means I have only a few days to find the right man- so we’d love to hear from you if you have a handsome chap, with good hip scores, a lovely temperament and is they generate favourable results with the Kennel Club’s Inbreeding Co-efficiency calculator. To say I’m excited would be an understatement- praise and thanks are due to Becky, her breeder. Well done!