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Advanced dog training class

Gold standard advanced dog training classes

 Fun and supportive advanced dog training, behaviour and socialisation classes

Next classes start Tuesday 13th August 2024 at 7pm

For those who want to train to a high standard both inside and outside. 

Tuesday evenings at 8pm in Abington Community Centre  Wheatfield Road South, Northampton NN3 2HH  (click here for a map)

Please contact or ring us on 0751 976 2411 for more info or to enrol.

New course begins every 6 weeks 

Gold advanced dog training class

the cover sheet to gold Advanced dog training class notesGold is the practical application of previous courses- we link things together into useful combinations (such as “leave the yucky thing in the park, come here and let’s walk together”). We practise harder relaxation protocols so avoid getting distracted in all manner of contexts, including relaxing in an appropriate position whilst being brushed.

From working on orientation they learn do things without being able to see you (or you have your hands full and are unable to do a hand signal). In advanced dog training classes we polish distance work so that they’re safe, where-ever they are. We translate everything we’ve learned into the outside world (and not be phased by distractions). In the later weeks, I (Sue) go for a walk with dogs doing the gold exam and we practice the  outside tasks. Including my favourite part of all the tests: going to the cafe and ensuring the dog is well mannered while we eat. 

Free weekend one to one sessions (30 mins to an hour) can be scheduled from week 3, lasting until the exam. It’s held on the Racecourse. The postcode to the (free) car park is NN1 4LG.

We encourage people to ring or text us if they ever need to pick a brain or have a question.

Once signed up for classes, you are under our wing- we’re happy to chat, regardless of how long ago you graduated. Please don’t hesitate to contact us- whenever your need.  We are here to help.

If we mention a website in class, we’ll put a link to it here

And any requests or questions you may have.

Advanced dog training class concentrates on gaining focus and impulse control

All our classes are in courses of 6 weeks which are £120 in advance, paid on the first day.

Class size is limited. With two trainers, everyone gets individual attention.

Please contact or ring us on 0751 976 2411 for more info or to enrol.

Advanced dog training class now include a free course guide. Click here to open up in a new tab.

All classes now include codes to our library (here), each course has a booklet explaining how to do each task and how to level them up. I’ve included examples of when and how to use them.

There’s handy hints and tips to make the training easy, fun and enjoyable for dogs and people. I’ve tried really hard to write it so that things are as clear and as straightforward as possible.

Free to all graduates! please contact Sue if you want to read them. 

Printed version of the book is available from Amazon here. 

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