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Intermediate classes


Silver standard intermediate dog behaviour, training and socialisation classes

Next classes start Tuesday 21st of May 2024 at 7pm  

Silver dog training class- focus, control and patience. Teenage behaviours, ensuring mature social interactions.

Click here to open a new tab and go to the notes. Have your password ready.

Intermediate training classes concentrates on impulse control. We work towards making sure the dog can think and make good decisions (for example knowing to how to leave something on the floor when walking past). The listening while excited game is played in class as it’s super important they can respond properly despite any adrenaline. For obvious safety reasons, it’s essential they’re able to overcome selective deafness and can be be recalled regardless of the situation and environment. In addition to the listening while excited, we practise overcoming chase instincts to keep the park wild life safe. Dogs are encouraged to begin to work at a distance- not something they naturally do or, indeed, find easy. We’ve got some fun ways to make things easier.

Distraction protocols is a very familiar phrase to all silver people- making waits/ stay more challenging in order to build up patience. It’s tricky to learn to relax when interesting and distracting things are happening all around. Door control is a fab silver task- with people opening and closing doors all around the centre, we jokingly call this task “scooby do”!

Behaviour topics for this intermediate class include how to re- establish boundaries (when dogs push them) and how to encourage more mature, less puppy-ish interactions.

Silver class notes include extra sections on body language! Click here to open them up in a new tab.

Anyone who has graduated from silver will be invited to attend the gold class,

Silver exam:

Emergency stop.. at a 10 pace distance, call the dog and shout “stop!” The dog has to come to a prompt halt.

Walk to heel for 20 paces, changing speed and direction (at least once each)

Walk past some food on the floor (off lead)

Dog waits, handler walks away for 5 paces, calls dog, then walk together for 5 paces.

Wait for 30 seconds at 10 paces

Demonstration of leave an object in the context of the “listen while excited” game. This can either be a tug leave or a fetch.