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Thank you!

P1020349Thank you to everyone who helped to make this event a great success! We have, so far, raised £150 for, a new website which will provide invaluable information about this relatively unknown disease. CRPS is the most painful long term problem- more painful every moment of day than a woman in labour, classified as neuro-immune CRPS can start with damage to a nerve (as in type 2, like Sue) but it is most likely to begin with a fracture or minor injury (type 1). CRPS is said to be most like MS in pathology.


This week marks the 32nd anniversary of Sue’s accident (a hit and run when Sue was a child) and we could not think of a better way to honour this date than to raise money and awareness.

The website is an international project, linked to a facebook page (CRPS research and developments). The website is needed as doctors are largely unaware of the serious disease and Sue wishes she had a pound for every time a doc has said “CRPS? Whats that?”


 We didnt manage to get all the way round the Racecourse, but no-one seemed to mind and everyone looked like they were having a good time. Many many thanks to all involved – so very proud of you all right now!



Fun group walk for dogs and owners around the Racecourse, Northampton


On Saturday the 1st of June we are holding a walk round the Racecourse to raise some money for charity.

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) is a rare neurological problem and by doing this walk we hope to raise awareness and fund a website that will answer doctors and patients questions by collecting the latest research all in one place.

CRPS is the most painful long term problem there is- patients are in more pain every moment of everyday than a woman in labour. People liken it to MS and there is no cure. Symptoms include pain, fainting, falling, nausea, twitching and different parts of your body being at different temperatures. Imagine someone touching you makes you yelp in pain. Imagine going to your GP, your mind full of questions, exhausted from the pain and scared about what will happen to you … and the doctor says “CRPS? What’s that?”

We are hoping to get as many people and dogs along for a walk round the Racecourse, which hopefully should be fun! We’ll ask each participant to donate a small amount of money, which we will donate to CRPS awareness charities and Northampton General Hospital’s Pain Clinic.

This is a subject close to our hearts- Sue was hit by a car on Saturday 6th June 1981 and diagnosed with Causalgia (now CRPS2), but as she was a child, she wasn’t told about it. As her problem changed from hot, acute CRPS, to cold, chronic CRPS in 1983, treatment stopped. It wasn’t until after another accident, also on Saturday 6th of June, in 2009, that she found out what had been wrong for the last 29 years. It was 2 weeks before our wedding!


Exciting News!

On Saturday, 26th of May 2012 Bradlaugh Fields and Barn, Northampton are holding a fete to celebrate the completion of the outside works- the smart new decking and flower beds.

We have been asked to run the fun dog show!

There are load of fun categories and in the few minutes between each show they’ll be training demonstrations and taster sessions … even if you’re not entering your dog come along and see if you can learn a trick in our 5 minute challenge!

Dog show categories:

Section 1

Cutest Puppy
Best veteran
Nicest Rescue
Best pedigree- small dog
Best pedigree- large dog
Best cross breed- small dog
Best cross breed- large dog
Most Amazing dog and child handler 6-11
Most Amazing dog and child handler 11+

Section 1 Winners:   Most handsome dog & The Prettiest girl

Section 2
Shiniest coat
Waggiest tail
Loudest bark
Fancy Dress
Best decorated lead (children’s crafts)
Best 6 legs (knobbly knees)
Most friendly dog
Best trick
Best treat/ sausage catch
Temptation alley
Musical sit – the dog who sits the slowest per round goes out.
Fastest recall
Longest stay
Dog who can eat a hot dog sausage fastest

Overall awards for the end:

Dog that judge would most like to take home

Scallywag Award for funniest dog of the day


If you or your dog would like to compete in this companion type dog show then please contact us with your name address, your dog’s details and the categories you fancy competing in. A form to print off  is available here.


Affinity Dog Training, Northampton 0751 976 2411