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Born today, all doing well- 3 boys and 4 girls. We’re proud and delighted.


Here’s some photos from today’s new set of puppy class- which included a few familiar faces from Smudgey’s litter! I must admit I hardly slept last night, I was so excited- fantastic to see the cute pups again.

Appropriate greetings- Barney’s too excited! A famous beardie bounce …


Gaining focus isn’t easy with new friends and family in the room…


Here they are learning the basics- sit, down and stand

P1020953Ā P1020950

Walking to heel nicely is difficult, but it does get easier each week!


Well done everyone- really looking forward to next time šŸ™‚



Smudge and Cossie’s puppies are doing amazingly well! Here’s some photos taken by Callum Burns- his website is hereĀ .



Fourth to be born is a boy


Mrs. 5


Mr 6, our first brown puppy


Mr 7


Mr 8


Number 9 to be born is our brown girl, Widget


Number 10




Smudgey’s still smiling and the pups are getting bigger- their little tails are beginning to work and their eyes look less tight.


Getting the pups ready for their new homes is forefront in our minds. Their ears and eyes will soon open and when they do, they will hear all the sounds of a normal household- hoovers, radios, video games, the TV andĀ  the washing machine, which being used relentlessly at the moment. It will be interestng to see what happens when they hear music- they seem to have favourites- I played Mozart (Queen of the Night, from the Magic Flute) to our last litter when they were around 5 weeks old and it made them all bark! They’ll also hear us talking and laughing. Dogs love it when people are laughing and most rush over to see what is going on.

As trainers, we recognise the importance of socialisation and thankfully we have no shortage of volunteers to come and visit the pups once their eyes have opened. Ian Dunbar stresses how young dogs must become accustomed to people and in order to be well rounded adults, Ā he recommends that puppies see between 2 and 3 new people every day. The postman has also agreed to see them occasionally while he is in his uniform. Our young relatives and friends have been invited and we are really pleased that some of the children from our class has agreed to come and help us with some basic training.

If you are, or have been a customer of ours and would like to visit the pups, please call us! 07 51 976 2411



Here is Smudgey and her 10 babies, a week old today! They are all gaining weight and progressing well, we’re so proud of Smudgey and Cosmo!

Hopefully there is bearded collie puppies on the way!


P1020279Bryonyhill Triple Truffle and our Smudge got on famously and if their mating was successful, she will be due around the 20th of June.

Test results:

Both dogs have hip scores of 3:3

The KC’s virtual mating inbreeding calculator said that the puppies would be 3% lower than average for beardies

Watch this space!



Many thanks to those who helped in my search!

From all the people I rang up …. including Sue Bird whose number I found when I was checking out any beardie stud who had fantastic genetic diversity, sadly her beautiful boy was older than the internet led me to expect, but her advice was brilliant.

Many thanks are due to Sue Hood and also to the very lovely Lesley, and to Mel Carter for invaluable advice about progsterone levels. A huge round off applause is due to Karen Edwards- her calm and confident manner set just the right tone and I was able to pick her brains and learn some fantastic tips. It was a joy to see her beautiful Roxilyn dogs- I must admit I rather popped a fuse when I saw those gorgeous beardies!

Here’s hoping … more news on Smudgey soon!

Bearded Collie Stud Dog Needed!


Well, there’s timing for you …. Smudge’s hip scores are in: she’s 3:3! We’re very lucky her scores are so low, the vet is as pleased as punch, he saidĀ  a total score of 6 is unheard of in a Bearded Collie! But she’s coming into heat, started bleeding on Sunday morning! This means I have only a few days to find the right man- so we’d love to hear from you if you have a handsome chap, with good hip scores, a lovely temperament and is they generate favourable results with the Kennel Club’s Inbreeding Co-efficiency calculator. To say I’m excited would be an understatement- praise and thanks are due to Becky, her breeder. Well done!

P1020228Happy Birthday Puppies!

Willow, Poppy, Smudge, Stu and I went out for an icy walk on the Racecourse, Northampton, for Willow’s first birthday with my friend Trudy and her puppy, Suki. Suki is a Border Collie/ Staffie cross and she is bright, very friendly and adorable. Here’s our photos of them playing in the snow! It’s hard to believe a whole year has gone by- happy birthday to Willow, Leia, Bella, Rosie, Ivy, Lily, Barnaby and Monty!


smudge&sukiIt’s a year since we were woken by the cries of a newborn and our lives- and our house- was turned upside down. We were lucky, the 8 little darlings were very similar in size, all healthy and strong- they were hardly discernible from one another so we had to put tiny collars on them. Some were chocolate, which helped, their shading, pinky noses and eye rims helped us tell one half of the littler from the other. We organised day and night shifts, even though we had a pig rail, we had to be on constant watch for any pup who strayed away from mum and got distressed. Poppy was brilliant- so conscientious- when she saw a puppy heading in the wrong direction she’d give us a pleading look and maybe a little quiet woof to let us know she wanted help.


Their little characters came out incredibly early- Willow was first at everything and ran around laughing with Rosie, a very sociable pup, creating havoc. Lily sat and watched then did everything perfectly straight after. Barnaby (aka Chewie for his funny Wookie noises) was always in the thick of things, and when very young we had to watch him carefully as he’d knock his siblings asunder to get to the best milk. Monty cuddled into his mum’s front paws and later would find little hidey holes to nap in. Ivy loved her chicken and often won tugs of wars, Bella and Leia especially loved their cuddles.


walkWe got really attached to each little character, giggling at their initially clumsy attempts then later laughing out loud at their antics. I counted to 8 so often I could look at the room and say “There’s only 7” and a panicky moment later would find Monty crawling off to sleep in the corner, surrounding himself with toys. It was also hard work- a relentless routine of cleaning and safety checks.


P1020229Then socialisation began. Our home was a virtual tourist attraction as we encouraged as many people as possible to visit and handle the pups. Potential owners came to visit and placed deposits. We were pleased to hear that they asked many questions about their welfare and everyone seemed to recognise and approve of our hard work. Some came to visit several times, which helped with their bonding and the socialisation of the others. One by one they left, families with faces like children at Christmas took them home to their new lives.


P1020226All but one.

Our beautiful girl Smudgester Laughing Willow lives up to her name, she is a funny character who enjoys making people laugh. All our dogs seem the same, if they hear someone clapping or laughing they rush to join in. Poppy’s laugh is a Father Christmas “ho ho ho”, Willow’s is more like Smudge, “Ha ha ha”. I understand that they now pllay tapes of dogs laughing in some shelters as it can calm anxious dogs down. Willow grew and grew and now she’s practically the size of Poppy. She learns quickly, like her mum and, of course, she is best friends with Smudge. Willow adores a game and loves her fuss.



By popular request this info has now got it’s very own page… Ā Puppy buying guide

It’s the time of year again where we look back and take stock and look forward with new plans …

What’s your New Years Resolutions?

Poppy and puppies

Last year began with Poppy’s pregnancy and the birth of her 8 beautiful pups. We were very lucky- they were all nearly the same weight, all enjoyed their dinners and grew well.

We couldn’t be prouder of Pops as she took to motherhood so easily- cleaning and feeding her pups tirelessly and then when they grew, playing with them. They were bouncy bundles of fun who were into everything!

willsOur home was turned upside down as the puppies stayed with us in the living room- we had already moved everything higher than 4 foot and any electrical wire was hidden and protected with masking tape- how different it all looked, especially as a sofa had been replaced with the whelping pen!

We organised ourselves into night shifts and days shifts and by the time the 8 weeks were up we were exhausted but it didn’t matter. After Rosie, the first pup left, Poppy and I went for a cuddle on the sofa and to everyone’s amusement we both instantly fell asleep for a quick nap! (Guess who had been on the night shift, up with the pups!)

So (the now not so Little) Willow bounced into our lives and stole our hearts.



Classes began at Bradlaugh Fields and then Abington Community Centre .. loads of the cutest puppies and lovely older dogs… it was great to see everyone trying hard and having fun. Our reputation for tailoring to individual needs and providing common-sense, practical answers to any problems is growing- we get much of our business from word of mouth.