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It’s one of those days already and it’s only half past one! It’s Saturday the 15th but feels like Friday the 13th!

Someone cut Stu up and the van can’t be fixed til Monday

We had an appointment this afternoon in Daventry, but we cannot get there and we don’t seem to be able contact the lady … here’s hoping she’ll see this and give us a call…..

Wish we could rewind and start the day again lol!

Hello ;)

Hello and welcome to the Affinity dog training website blog 🙂


We have been dog owners and trainers for many years now and we are often asked about dog related matters…. people want to know how come our dogs are well behaved- how we do what we do, and why.


Here we hope to answer some of those questions, post articles which inspire and interest us, review our local parks …. anything and everything training and dog related.


Hope you like it!