Charity Walk in aid of CRPS awareness- Saturday the 1st of June

Fun group walk for dogs and owners around the Racecourse, Northampton


On Saturday the 1st of June we are holding a walk round the Racecourse to raise some money for charity.

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) is a rare neurological problem and by doing this walk we hope to raise awareness and fund a website that will answer doctors and patients questions by collecting the latest research all in one place.

CRPS is the most painful long term problem there is- patients are in more pain every moment of everyday than a woman in labour. People liken it to MS and there is no cure. Symptoms include pain, fainting, falling, nausea, twitching and different parts of your body being at different temperatures. Imagine someone touching you makes you yelp in pain. Imagine going to your GP, your mind full of questions, exhausted from the pain and scared about what will happen to you … and the doctor says “CRPS? What’s that?”

We are hoping to get as many people and dogs along for a walk round the Racecourse, which hopefully should be fun! We’ll ask each participant to donate a small amount of money, which we will donate to CRPS awareness charities and Northampton General Hospital’s Pain Clinic.

This is a subject close to our hearts- Sue was hit by a car on Saturday 6th June 1981 and diagnosed with Causalgia (now CRPS2), but as she was a child, she wasn’t told about it. As her problem changed from hot, acute CRPS, to cold, chronic CRPS in 1983, treatment stopped. It wasn’t until after another accident, also on Saturday 6th of June, in 2009, that she found out what had been wrong for the last 29 years. It was 2 weeks before our wedding!