Classes restarting

The long awaited news is here…. classes to restart on 4th and 6th of August 2020!

Please contact me (Sue) if you wish to join us! We have always limited ourselves to to 6 dogs per class, so we will open up more classes if there is enough interest.
Priority will be given to those who have put their name down on our waiting list . I will be personally contacting everyone asap.
Existing customers- we’ll start you again at no extra charge. Seems sensible to recap as it’s been so long.

New rules and things that are different:

Masks are recommended, but you don’t have to wear one.
Entering the hall:
We will be outside to explain about what door to use. Please observe social distancing in the unlikely event of needing to queue.
Hand sanitiser and cleaners are provided and it is recommended that everyone uses them when entering and leaving.
There will be a (very short) form to fill in for tracking and tracing purposes. Each person will be asked to “sign in”, provide a contact telephone number and tick a box to say they’ve been symptom- free for 7 days. All personal information is, of course, strictly confidential.
Each dog can be accompanied by (no more than) 3 people. Previously any number of people could come with their dog- sadly now we have to place restrictions due to social distancing.
There can be no more than 2 people in the toilets at any one time.
For peace of mind, please note that we (well probably me) will have to clean handles, switches, window catches, toilet seats etc before and after we use the hall.
Any questions- please ask 🙂