Advanced Training

Silver and Gold standard advanced training

18th and 20th of July -22nd and 24th of August (we’re off last week in August)

5th and 7th of Sept – 10th and 12th October

30th of November – 21st December *Happy Christmas! * 11th & 18th January

Classes are on Thursdays and start at 8.

It’s £60 per dog for the whole course.

Fun and supportive advanced training- the highest quality training at the fairest prices

For those who have done some training and would like to continue

Thursday evenings at 8pm in Abington Community Centre  Wheatfield Road South, Northampton NN3 2HH

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Learning tasks that are are practical, useful, enjoyable and cool with tried and tested down to earth, kind methods.

Please contact or ring us on 0751 976 2411 for more info or to enroll.


Practical training following the Silver and Gold curriculum, includes:


Listening whilst distracted or excited

Walk past food and not be tempted

Come away from that distraction/ recall (or coming back to their owner).

Emergency stop

Walking On Lead.

Wait and stay.

Doing things at a distance (which is harder than it sounds)

Go to bed! (go over there & lie down)

Vehicle Control & road sense

Sensible play that’s fun.


Retrieve/ fetch

And any requests or questions you may have.


All our classes are in courses of 6 weeks which are £60 in advance, paid on the first day.

Class size is limited. With two trainers, everyone gets individual attention.

Please contact or ring us on 0751 976 2411 for more info or to enroll.


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