Dog club

Coming soon …. Obedience trails!!

like agility but with tricks (rather than obstacles)

By popular demand… for those who have completed some training and wish to do a fun activity with their dog.

We’ll be learning the 8 basic tricks that are the building blocks of obedience trails, setting up courses and hopefully having a really fun time. We’ll also be playing educational games, learning other hard tricks and (if people would like) also having a go at touch ball/ treib ball- amazing for those of us who have herding dogs. We’ll also include handy hints and tips.

It’s the same price as all our courses- £80 for a series of 6 courses (with a discount if you book more than one course at a time). The more popular the course becomes, the cheaper we’ll be able to offer it- so please invite your friends along!

Doing something fun with your dog will increase the bond and relationship you have with your dog. The better your bond, the more likely they are to listen to you and the easier daily life becomes.            

We’ll start soon as we have enough people- so if you’re interested, please give us a shout!