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Contact Affinity Dog Trainers

Contact Affinity Dog trainers. Phone number and email address to make enquiries, place bookings, pick brains and chat about dogs!

There is no such thing as a silly question- we are here to help!           

Contact Affinity Dog Trainers- text or ring Sue’s mobile number is 0751 976 2411

I am available for phone calls afternoons and evenings (although please bear in mind we have classes Tuesdays and Thursday evenings, so we’re out between 6:30- 9:30),

Contact Affinity Dog Trainers in writing our email is  

Google rankings 

We were rated highest on Google for 10 years- until this site was hacked in spring 23. By the way the hacker worked, the lovely host tech support thinks it was industrial espionage by a jealous competitor. Maybe in bigger business- I’m unsure. Anyways, we’re back on the first page again and hopefully will be back at the top link in no time.                                                                       

References and testimonials are available

We are very lucky to have really amazing customers as our reviews are full of praise, with things like “informative”, “helpful”, “supportive”, “down to earth” and “above and beyond”. Even though we are very proud that our reviews are so good, it makes me feel uncomfortable to fully copy the lovely compliments from general websites to our site. For starters, they’re so good it looks like we’ve made them up. This also means that no one ever tells us (from a customer perspective) how we can improve and get better! 

Between us, we hold regular meetings where we assess what we’ve done and evaluate ourselves and each other- what went well, what didn’t and what we can do to change for the better in the future. These structured meetings are invaluable and instrumental in our customer service. Dog trainers have a reputation for being strict, spouting hot air, making things up on the spot and talking themselves up. There’s no need for us to talk big when we do so much research and have years of experience. We have had 7 dogs over the years, bred/ midwifed in excess of 40 and have trained hundreds more. We’ve also studied a great deal and all of our techniques are positive and science based. They work so well that the dog’s behaviour does the talking for us. I love to see people’s faces as they watch their dog change for the better.  

Contact Sue- Affinity dog trainers

Sue’s first book on Amazon in Kindle, paperback and hardback. Or contact Affinity Dog trainers if you want one!

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