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  1. Would you be able help as we have a dog that has behavior problems he barks at the television and won’t listen when called.

    • Hiya! I would suggest a one to one, I would come to your house, look at what’s going on and then (probably) work on quiet and come here, as well as teach you the educational games which help with listening while excited and attention/ concentration. Appointments last about an hour and a half and I would expect to see some improvement during that time. It would cost £60. If you wish to book, please give me a shout- feel free to ring or text, our phone number is 0751 976 2411. Thanks, Sue

  2. Hi there,
    Our Bichon Frise puppy, Cooper, is 8 weeks old and will be having his 2nd course of vaccinations Sat 27th January. So if he’s clear to be around other pups by 3rd Feb what date could we start your puppy training course? I’m guessing he’ll just miss the start of the next set?
    Look forward to hearing from you.
    Many thanks,
    Louise, Matt and Cooper 🙂

  3. Hi there,

    We are collecting a pug puppy soon and I’d really like to start classes as soon as you’d recommend. What age is preferable? He’ll only be 8 weeks when we get him just before Christmas and Just had the first jabs. I’d like to book him on for when he’s old enough 😊

    • Hiya any age is good- and in many ways the sooner you get into training the easier life will be (you’ll know what to do about teething, jumping up and will be working on walking, waiting and leave it which will make communication easier). Our next set of classes begins the last week in January, on either the Tuesday or the Thursday 🙂

  4. Hi we have two puppies we would like to get on one of your courseswhen would be the first available course u have space at they are a jrt and a jrt x one is 6 months and the other 3 months hope to hear from you soon many thanks stan

    • Oh no! I didn’t know you’d messaged us, I’m so sorry they’ve changed the way notifications work somehow. If it’s not too late, we’ve a couple of spaces available starting on the 5th of December (next Tuesday). All the best, Sue

  5. I have a 17 month old Chihuahua x Jack Russell that I’ve had since he was a puppy. Over the past 6 months he’s gradually gotten worse with meeting new people… If he knows you he’s lovely and playful, but if someone he doesn’t know comes into the house he barks /and snaps. Some he eventually has a sniff and is then fine with but others he’s continually like that with them and I can’t get him to stop. He does the same with anyone that tries to befriend him when we are out walking and socialising, but absolutely fine with other dogs.


    • I’m sorry for the delayed response- I didn’t know you’d messaged us as the way we were notified of comments has changed! If you are still interested, I think a one to one would be most suitable- please ring me on 0751 976 2411 for an appointment- I’m sure we can help you little man- we know a very good exercise which work on flight instincts, it will help with introductions and give you both confidence in meeting new dogs and people.

  6. I’m looking at bring my puppy to classes, he has his final jabs on Friday, do you have availability folllowing this week?

    • I’m sorry for the delayed response- the way we were notified of comments has changed somehow and I didn’t know you’d messaged us! If you are still interested, we have a few spaces available in Tuesdays class, starting 5/12/17 at 7pm

  7. Hiya

    We are adopting a 7 month old puppy from Cyprus in a couple of weeks.

    We like to bring him to classes in January. What date would they start and can you reserve me a place please?

    Katie mobile number 07709 762255

    • Hiya Katie and congratulations!
      There’s a couple of options- classes are Tuesdays or Thursdays 7- 8pm (so whichever is easiest for you). With Christmas things are a little peculiar as it works out to be half way though a course- so you have the option of starting at the beginning of December and going all the way through to the end of January, or starting at the end of January/ beginning of Feb and finishing in the beginning of March.
      The dates are: Tuesdays- 5th -19th December 2017 then we have a break as it’s Christmas, we start again 9th Jan and finish on the 23rd January 2018
      Thursdays- 7th of December – 21st December 2017, we break for Christmas and then 11th – 25th January 2018
      After that, the new classes are Tuesday 30th January to the 6th of March or Thursday 1st February to the 8th of March.
      Have a think and let me know if anything sounds suitable (0751 976 2411)
      All the best Sue

  8. Dear Sue and Stu

    We are holding a fete on the 9th September and wondered if some of your clients might be interested as we are also running a dog show. If so, please can you let me know your email and I can forward a flyer with all the details.

    We are raising money for Relate Northampton and awareness as to the services they provide. Relate are not just ‘marriage guidance’. They are a large provider of counselling to children/young people as well as families and individuals. We would like to put the money raised toward the children’s counselling service to help them to extend their services across the county.

    If you would are interested, or know anyone who might be, please pass the message on!

    Many thanks for reading.


  9. Hello,

    I have a little Westie puppy, she will be just over 11 weeks when your September classes start and will have had her 2nd vaccination so will be able to be around other dogs. Can I book her in to the Thursday classes starting on the 7th September?


    • Hi Charlotte! I have booked you in- can’t wait to meet you both!
      We’ll see you at 7pm on the 7th in Abington Community Centre, NN3 2HH.
      Please bring with you your usual collar or harness and lead (don’t buy anything special), some treats you know she likes (we’ll be using quite a few at first, so some of her dinner, maybe?) Please remember a rope toy (for leave it with objects and listening while excited). If you could bring £60, that will last you for the whole course. If anyone else (like a partner, relative or friend) is interested, please invite them,
      Please feel free to give me a shout if you would like to pick a brain. All the best- Sue (and Stu)

  10. Hi,
    Do you have any spaces in your Puppy/Beginner classes starting in September…….my Cocker puppy is 17 weeks old now.

    Many thanks.

  11. Hi there, we’ve had a rescue dog for about 5 weeks now and we’re her 3rd owners. She has done some training with her previous owners, and we’d like to start her on either of the September courses if there are places available.

    On the whole, she’s a great dog but has a couple of issues we’d like some help with before starting the course. The main issue is meeting dogs – it usually starts off calm but can get a bit boisterous.

    Kind regards, Nick

    • Hi Nick Congratulations on your new family member!
      A one to one before a course would be sensible- we teach how to introduce herself calmly and not be overwhelmed and that you know what to do to manage her energy levels to make sure everything goes smoothly. Appointments are available in the evenings (apart from Tuesdays and Thursdays when we have classes) or at the weekends. What we do is I will meet you assess her and then we will know how to approach things. Then Stu will turn up with one of our dogs and we can begin to teach her how to introduce herself appropriately without it getting too much, and teach you what to do at the earliest signs that she is getting excited (or uncomfortable) so things don’t get out of hand. We’ll also show you the game which teaches her listen while excited.
      We like work on the Racecourse if that’s OK- (it’s so Stu can quickly run back to our house nearby and pick up different dogs for her to practice making friends nicely with, one at a time). If you’d prefer somewhere else, do say. Please let me know when you are available!

      This will help if you do go on to take a class- whilst distraction is quite normal with 5 other dogs, it’d be good for her to be able to respond to you and not be so excited that she can’t think. I would normally recommend that you start with a beginner class- but as she’s had training before, if either of you find that it is too easy, we can always promote you the harder class after the first session.
      All the best, Sue

  12. Hi. Can I book your puppy classes starting 5th sept? Bailey, my Cockapoo will be just over 12 weeks by then and

    • Hi Eileen- thanks for your message! Yes, I will book you onto the class- thank-you!
      Seems like some of your message got cut off- if you can, please re-write it.
      We’ll see you at 7pm on Tuesday the 5th of Sept in Abington Community Centre (feel free to text or give us a ring if you’re unsure of directions).
      Please bring with you Bailey (can’t wait to meet them!) and their usual collar or harness and lead. Please remember some treats- if you’re concerned about calories or additives, by all means bring use some of their dinner. If you could find some sort of rope toy to bring that’d be great- we use it for listening while excited and leave with objects. If anyone else is interested in coming along, please invite them. It’ll be £60 for the whole course and if you can bring that on the first night I can get our hall fees paid. Our number is 0751 976 2411 if you can think of a question or if you’d like to pick a brain. Looking forward to meeting you soon! Sue (and Stu)

  13. Hi
    We are getting a puppy soon and looking for a local trainer to join in puppy classes. we are also hoping to join a course with (DHK) to train our puppy to work in school a long side me so we need to do puppy classes with clicker training and then move on to advance classes. I was hoping you could send me some more information on your course and let me know if you do these courses?
    kind regards

    • Hi Louise! Thank you for writing 🙂
      Congratulations on your new family member 🙂 It is wonderful that you would like to do something with DHK, I hear they are doing amazing work.
      Unfortunately, we have not been assessed by the DHK as yet- and they only accept puppies who have gone to one of their approved schools.
      I have contacted them as I would be interested to know more myself, so thank you for the inspiration. The ethical/ positive reinforcement type of training that we do would be appropriate, so here’s hoping!
      All the best,

      (For those browsing our page, DHK is Dogs Helping Kids- where dogs are used to encourage children’s co-operation, kindliness, respectfulness, trust and responsibility- great stuff)

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