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  2. Hi
    We are getting a puppy soon and looking for a local trainer to join in puppy classes. we are also hoping to join a course with (DHK) to train our puppy to work in school a long side me so we need to do puppy classes with clicker training and then move on to advance classes. I was hoping you could send me some more information on your course and let me know if you do these courses?
    kind regards

    • Hi Louise! Thank you for writing 🙂
      Congratulations on your new family member 🙂 It is wonderful that you would like to do something with DHK, I hear they are doing amazing work.
      Unfortunately, we have not been assessed by the DHK as yet- and they only accept puppies who have gone to one of their approved schools.
      I have contacted them as I would be interested to know more myself, so thank you for the inspiration. The ethical/ positive reinforcement type of training that we do would be appropriate, so here’s hoping!
      All the best,

      (For those browsing our page, DHK is Dogs Helping Kids- where dogs are used to encourage children’s co-operation, kindliness, respectfulness, trust and responsibility- great stuff)

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