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Dog Walking

Using a dog walking services can help when life and work get in the way.

Dogs benefit greatly from a good walk and daily exercise. The stimulation of a change of scene and some fresh air can do wonders for their behaviour, especially in new areas. They get enrichment from sniffing and investigating, socialisation with other dogs and exercise when running around playing.

Leaving your dog alone- how long is too long? 4 1/2 hours is the recommended maximum time to leave your dog. If you can’t come home for lunch, it’s generally wise to consider dog walking services.

Dogs are collected and taken to the park- it is then when the clock starts and the dogs are walked for the full time. Poo bags and training treats are provided. 

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We try to be as flexible as possible

Once you are a dog walking customer, you book whenever you need. Just let us know before 10pm if you’d like a walk the following day. 

Customers have the freedom to book us as frequently or infrequently as they need. Some people work regular hours, others are on different shift patterns on different days each week. We’re happy to walk you dog for you whenever you need, however many days per week that is.

We also take on clients who’d like a walk every once in a while, so they have the peace of mind that their dog is exercised and happy when they have a special day out, an event or appointment. It’s up to you- we’re here to make things easier, so you tell us what you want.

Our dog walking rates 

          half hour walk

          hour long walk


one dog






two dogs






 three dogs





We like to meet with the owners and their dogs before we begin, the dogs will get to know us and the owners will hopefully be assured that we are reliable and responsible, friendly and fun. Appointments are free, at your convenience and last about half an hour.

dog walking in Northampton. He was a good boy, so now he needs treats.We will always pick up after your dog and won’t charge for bags.

We will walk your dog individually or in a group- whatever you prefer.

As specialists in canine behaviour, we are able to pre-empt any problem situations arising.

If you leave us a towel, we’ll dry off your dog’s feet as  they arrive home.

If you can find a better deal, we’ll match it.

Stu organises dog walking times at your convenience.

We are insured.

Payment is expected in advance.

The prices are based for Northampton town- sadly we are unable to travel further afield.

Dog walking is great for a dogs mental and physical well being

dog walking in Sywell

We believe exercise is essential to a dog’s life. The stimulation of a change of scene and the exercise enormously improves a dog’s mental and physical well-being, regardless of weather. We walk your dogs with the care and consideration that we give our own- always remembering the treats and bags so we can praise their good behaviour and clean up after them. We will wipe muddy paws with a provided towel when they get in.

Stu, our walker

My husband, Stuart, is Affinity’s main dog walker. He keeps fit with long rambling walks and loves to have fun with our dogs in Northampton- especially the many beautiful parks, which he knows very well. Together we train our classes and hold individual sessions and Stuart, like myself, has a love for reading up on all things canine. This extensive knowledge of dog behaviour and body language is a necessary credential for a dog walker, making him able to readily assess and avoid any problem situations- essential when you are walking a dog who is not your own.

Our bad review: what happened?

The only time a dog has ever been returned early was with a new customer, approaching 10 years ago. When we had our first meeting they didn’t say that their dog was having aggression problems (we’d have been more than happy to help if they had). Their dog attacked one of ours without reason or warning, injuring our calm and steady girl. She was previously trained to help with aggressive dogs and was polite (in “dog” body language).

We were assured that this was unusual behaviour, so Stu tried walking them again. He made sure ours dogs were extra calm. Despite this, aggressive behaviour happened once more. The dog was returned early so we could seek vet support for one of our dogs, but the owner became exceptionally rude. Surprisingly, he didn’t even apologize. He went straight on the defensive, aggressively rudely shouting excuses and deferring the blame.

We have a zero tolerance approach to human aggression so Stu notified of his intention to part ways, there and then. This upset the wife, who began to plead for our help. It became obvious  that he had initially lied. The dog had frequently attacked other dogs. After that, they left a bad review. By the way, we paid the vet bill ourselves and she had no lasting damage. 

Please contact us for more info, an appointment or to see our testimonials.

0751 976 2411

check out Sue’s book for how to walk your dog nicely here