Info packs with handy hints and tips. 

These are the written instructions for the sensible things that we do in class. Each course has it’s own notes and we give the access codes out on the first day. I tried hard to write so that they’re easily understandable.  

I had to pick an order but you don’t have to stick to that. Each task is written so it can stand alone. Please pick the things that are the most useful and important to you- and do those first. 

If you have a very short amount of time and can only do 1 thing, we recommend the educational game “Listening While Excited”. It does what it says on the tin.

Work at your own pace- each step is outlined so when pup finds something easy you can move on without the stress of trying to remember what comes next. 


Free access to anyone who has previously studied with us. If you’re a graduate (or current student), please contact me (Sue) for passwords.


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