new phone works!

Update update (Friday)

Yay back from town and we have a working phone- phew!

Sadly, our texts and contact list have been wiped, so please drop us a text if you want us to remember your number.

Thank you for bearing with us and apologies if this fiasco has caused any inconvenience

Sue and Stu


Update (5:20pm) – Just turned the phone on. It seems that it’s still not working- now our sim card is missing and it doesn’t look like we have the right provider! Think I will have to go back to the market and return the phone AGAIN!

Should never have paid them first.


Just plugged in our new phone!

I have to thank Andy and Vanessa (Mum and Dad to Molly, the beardie/ border collie) for giving us the new Nokia 🙂 We had to unlock it, which has taken really too long. Not sure while it couldn’t be “while you wait” as advertised, but thats another (long winded) story. I will be working through our texts asap.

Feeling better to be back in the 21st century!

Many apologies if you have found it hard to get in contact with us.



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