One to One


Individual dog training sessions- One to One.

We specialise in challenging behaviour- overcoming fear/ aggression or over-excitement. Taking the stress out of daily life.

One to one sessions are individually tailored to fit individual needs


*   problems and behavioural issues

– what to do about challenging behaviour or undesirable habits and how to encourage nice manners,

*  the best start for new owners

– how to establish good routines and fun times with polite behaviour from the beginning

* bespoke training

like enabling a pet to assist those with disabilities

Anything and Everything.


We like to practise what we preach- working hands- on, explaining the behavioural science behind it as we go.

Working with the dog and making sure things are improving speaks louder than anything we could say.

When looking at behaviour, during an appointment we listen, watch, assess and:

  • teach owners what to do so they feel confident whatever comes their way
  • train dogs so that they can communicate their wishes politely, handle their emotions, think and make good decisions.

It’s sometimes good to make plans of action (“if this happens do that” sort of stuff) so that owners know how to handle different situations easily and appropriately.  


Does your dog react to other dogs?

 If seeing a dog in the distance gives you anxiety, we can show you what to do so walks are safe and fun again.

Is your dog happy to see others, but it gets too much?

We can show them how to make friends without being overwhelmed.

Our dogs are trained to help us show fearful, aggressive or over-excited dogs to calm down, greet each other nicely and start to play.

Does your dog seem to dislike a certain type of person?

We can show the dog how to overcome their fears.

We use kind, effective methods based on behavioural study research eg. helping owners recognise the first signals of discomfort, encouraging flight instinct showing there’s no need to be self defensive. We teach owners what to do so that they are confident in any situation.

Our goal is that owners can live without adapting or compromising and can enjoy life more easily with a more contented dog.


A (good) hour of  assessment, one to one training and advice is £60

And a white coffee with 2 sugars 😉

Sessions are so timed as most adult dogs tire and run out of concentration in about 40 minutes.

Years of study and a lifetime’s experience in dog ownership, training and breeding means our common- sense solutions work.

  • We come to you so we can assess behaviour in the environment where the dog is most comfortable.
  • If the problem is outside, we go to the park.

Once an appointment is made, I like to get owners to leave a pen and paper out so if they think of something or see the dog doing something they would rather they didn’t, owners can jot it down- so we have a comprehensive list of anything and everything to work on.

New owners can get a master-class version of our classes- usually they are shown how to teach their dog things like leave it, come here, wait, walk nicely and how to avoid biting, chewing, pulling or jumping up … we do whatever you think will help.

Once with you, we assess and then begin working straight away.

For most issues, by the end of the session you should have the answers you need and see some improvement. Some behaviour can be changed quite quickly, some takes more time. If so, we make sure you know what to do, that you have the tools you need to help the dog understand while we wait for the penny to drop. By the end we hope that owners should know what to do in every different related circumstance that we can think of.

I’d love to have a magic wand or formula which could fix any problem and situation immediately,  but we do have plenty of effective, simple and practical answers, hints, tips and hacks which are appropriate, kind and fun. Sue has two Cambridge degrees and is also qualified with the ADTB to teach and assess to gold level. Studying didn’t finish with exams- we are constantly researching and are self-confessed dog nerds.

Although our appointments are limited, we do try to arrange them for a time easiest for you. If you have a day and time that’s convenient, please say- although do bear in mind we have classes on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Please ring us with any questions or queries you may have: 0751 976 2411 our contact page is here

 For the the toughest of problems, £150 for 3 sessions.


After the session, please feel free to call or text if anything slips your mind. It’s a lot of info to take in at once.

Please also give us updates– good and bad. Especially if things go backwards. We will do what we can and genuinely want to be helpful.

However, sometimes I need to warn people that when we’re changing routines and behaviour, some bad habits get worse before they are better- and this is normal and to be expected. I will explain if this is the case. (It happens because the dog is confused about changes and the penny hasn’t dropped. Please click our dog training theory/ methods page for more info on  these extinction/ exhaustion drives.)

What we do and how we do it

we explain “why” as we work


Most commonly these sessions are booked by people whose dog has a specific behavioural quirk that they would like to address, or by people with a new puppy or rescue dog who want to get off to a good start.

During our one to one sessions we assess the dogs and listen to worries. We analyse behaviour, demonstrate the exercises which will help and show how to adapt them into real life. We explain how to recognise and pre-empt problem moments, then illustrate ways to encourage preferred behaviour. Dogs learn by association and repetition- and much quicker if  they’re enjoying themselves, so we  use fun exercises that also teach.

A bonus is this training stimulates the dog’s brain which is tiring, helping to keep them out of mischief. We find that in these sessions, as their problems disappear, people begin to be less stressed and start to relax and have fun with their dogs again. Many find life easier and they enjoy themselves so much they wish to continue and apply to join one of our training classes.

We offer a £5 discount to anyone booking classes after a one to one.


Here at Affinity we have many years of experience in canine behaviour and are proud of our many happy clients, their dogs and our reputation for our down to earth approach.


For appointments out of Northampton town, a small charge per mile is added, please ask us for details.

It’s sensible to have at least two sessions: one to assess and offer solutions; others about a week later to check things are going right and iron out any issues.


FAQ: we use high quality dog food instead of treats in our sessions, either from Taste of the Wild or Orijen. They have been awarded for their nutritional value. The food is around 80% meat with fruit and vegetables and no additives, grains or cereals. Most dogs seem to adore them.


The most frequently asked question (after an appointment) is whether we can help with children, mothers-in-law, husbands or wives! I wish!

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  1. Hi I have a older staffy and want to introduce a new puppy into our home but our older dog is a bit grumpy with dogs that jump around her . As she has got older she has got worse but has always been a bit funny with other dogs but she is ok with my mums dogs don’t know why probably because my mum has Sasha a lot and she has got used to them but she does not like them coming into her home please help as I do really want this puppy but I love my older dog so much thought it would be nice if she had a companion as she has anxiety problems too many thanks .

    • Hi Kay I’m sure we can help- I think a one to one would our best way to approach things. I’d like to organise a session so that your older girl learns how to approach and introduce herself nicely to to her dogs, learns how to make herself feel better when it a bit much- and I’d like to go through some doggie body language stuff with you so that you know what’s going on and how best to help her. It’d also be good if we could get a something sorted out for the pup so that we can a) introduce them so it goes well and b) have a plan for what to do if is getting too much- for either of them. It’d be £60, at a time that suits you and probably on the racecourse- so we can use our dogs to help. Sometimes older dogs will tell the younger ones of if they are jumping and scrabbling at their faces- it’s not really that polite when you think about it! If this sounds like it’s useful to you, please give me a ring (0751 976 2411) Sue

  2. Hi,

    I have a 1 yr black lab cross belgian shepherd. He is being castrated on 5th Jan and i would like to book a 1 2 1 consultation at a suitable time after his op to look at some of his behaviour issues and see how i can change them. I want to book him in for classes but he get very over excited around other dogs and feel he may benefit from some work on that area so that he wont disrupt classes and will learn LOL. Can you advise how long to leave it after his op to look at doing this please, i would be very grateful. It is best to reply by email at present as im at a new job and cant really answer my phone unless its after 5pm. If you would like my number to discuss please say and i will forward this to you.

    • Hiya Denise A one to one session would really help your little man- but I would check with the vets about timing. What we would advise is for us too arrange to meet in the Racecourse- it’s a park near our house. Stu and I (and our dogs) can work with you so that both of you know what to do when things become over exciting and so things don’t get overwhelming, then introductions go well and it’s easier for him to make friends. Once he is friends with Poppy, our oldest and steadiest dog, then Stu can go and fetch another so that you both have a good practise at working out body language and he learns to manage energy levels and respond appropriately. I can teach you a couple of exercises while Stu runs off- things like listen while excited will be useful. Our number is 0751 976 2411, feel free to give us a call whenever you can (we are happy to talk in the evenings- any time that suits you). Hope it helps! Sue

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