Sit, Down and Stand

Where to hold and how to move your treats

With “lure- reward” training, the dog follows the treat and so it is easy to get them into position. Here we show how to get your pet to sit, lie down and stand up. ¬†Once they are in position, give them the treat and teach them the word. Most dogs need a little practise- but they will soon understand what you want. When the penny drops, you can then reward less frequently or make things harder- try chaining things together. Pay attention to your hand positions- if you are consistent you will be able to signal to them- in fact they usually learn these signals faster than the English- no surprise when dogs are masters of body language!



Start with the dog standing up and, using the treat, encourage them look up. As they strain to bend their necks, they will often sit down. Try starting with the treat near their nose, where the “x” is in the photo and move the treat, following the red and white lines. If they are inclined to walk backwards, try positioning them in the corner of the room first.

Here’s our eldest, Poppy.



Look at Barney, on the left.

With the dog in the sitting position, move the treat in an “L” shape. Encourage the dog to put their nose near their paws and then draw the treat across the floor so they lie down. Again, don’t forget to teach them the word and reward them as they do it. Most dogs need to repeat the process several times before they understand. Let us know if their bottoms keep popping up.

Our darling Widget is on the right and they’re siblings. He was born 7th and she 9th in Smudgey and Cosmo’s litter of 10- I think they look like twins!



This command is quite useful when you’re grooming and putting on a harness. Encourage the dog to stand up- try and be quick with your rewards here and treat them before they take a step.

Here’s Widget again.