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Sue’s Book

Sue’s book is out! The new course guides were really popular and we got many compliments- the number 1 comment (by far) was that she should turn it into a book.

Link here

It took a while to do as there’s extra pages. The book includes:

Puppy guide- how to toilet train, info about food, routines and what to do about puppy biting and teething

Course notes for beginners, intermediate and advanced. These are comparable (well, more practical and slightly harder than) the KC’s Good Citizen Scheme. The notes show how train and how to get the most out even a few minutes practise. Each task is explained very clearly with illustrations and there’s hints and tips to avoid common pitfalls so teaching your dog is easy and fun for everyone.

The book includes extra pages showing what to do about common issues like jumping up, pulling on the lead and negative attention seeking.

And to keep Stu happy, there’s a whole load of tricks.

Check it out on Amazon- there’s kindle versions, paperback and hardback versions available.

Each page took an average of 28 hours to write, type and draw (the drawing being the most time consuming).

So far, people have said:

“it’s kinda like a factual graphic novel… really clever. Never thought a book on dog training would be so entertaining” Jo

“Wish school books were like this” Morgan (10)

“It’ll work a treat” Dave.