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Welcome to the support: library of infographic packages. 

support library Filled with links to illustrated written info, this support library aims to refresh memories and make life easier. It’s a super convenient database of everything we do, from easy and gentle puppy tasks to the more complicated aggression rehab. We like to set things up so the dog can get it right.

I tried hard to make each factsheet easy and enjoyable to read by including lots of fun little cartoons. Everyone in the family (including children) can understand quickly and know exactly what to do.

I made the factsheets because it’s nice to have everything written down. We’re always learning ourselves and know how easy it is for a crucial bit of info to go straight through the ears and come out the other side (or fly past when distracted by the dog). The info can help people remember and understand “how”, “when” and “why” for each task. It’ll be helpful to show family members and dog sitters/ walkers so that everyone is all on the same song sheet. That’ll make things consistent, which further sets the dog up to get it right. 

Do your most important/ useful task first.

With the class notes (aside from the first section “How to train and practice”), I had to pick an order but you don’t have to stick to that. Each task is written so it can stand alone. Please pick the thing that’s the most useful and important to you- and do that first. Work at your own pace- feel free to get ahead or go slower compared to class. Each step is outlined so when pup finds something easy you can move on without the stress of trying to remember what comes next.

 If you have a very short amount of time and can only do 1 thing, we recommend the “Listening While Excited” game. Learning how to calm down and think, it does what it says on the tin by practising focus and control with happy emotions.

There are well over 100 pages and each page took an average of 30 hours to write, draw, format and edit.

support library free puppy info button

First up: free puppy info

Toilet training, teething, food, “zoomies”/ frantic-ness/ overtiredness and routines. It’s a compilation of some individual pages from our hints and tips section– the page that has all of our free info, articles and thought pieces. Just because it’s nice to have something here that’s freely available and not password protected.

The rest of this support library is the info packs for customers, organised by course or topic. Each 1-2-1 topic and class course has it’s own notes. These infographic packs have password protection and we personally give out the access codes. Make sure they’re handy before you click. Please don’t hesitate to contact Sue if you have any difficulties.

Do you have your password?

It’ll ask once you click on your support pack.  A new tab will open up so automatic internet security won’t restrict navigation.

Support: library 121

Support: library bat

Support: library bat


Free access to anyone who has previously studied with us.

If you’re a graduate (or current student), please contact me (Sue) for the passwords.

 If you want to stay on our site once you’re done, click one of the links at the top of the page.

Warning! Don’t press the “back” button after reading something password protected-

To make things easier, the info loads to another library on chrome

A security measure will kick in if the back button is pressed. The safeguard is called SSL- it’s automatically installed onto the site. The idea is sensible as it protects cash transactions, but useless here as we don’t have a shop. With Google chrome (at least), the site then refuses to load. If this happens, go to settings in chrome (3 vertical dots for me) -> advanced and click on “clear browsing data”. 

See Sue for her book- a compilation of all of the class notes- plus the tricks and some behavioural hints and tips that we chat about. Also available from Amazon here

Update 2022 New and Improved!!!

The handouts have been updated. I (Sue) was given a graphics tablet for Christmas and after a shocking 600 hours of head scratching and effort, we now have new notes. Passwords remain the same though! For those who attended spring 22, I hope you recognise a few familiar dogs- thank you to those who sent me pictures to copy. And thank you to my son Brendan- without the tablet I’d still be smashing my head against the wall trying to draw with a mouse. Sue 31/3/22