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Here’s some free puppy info- a few infographic sheets to help with young pups… message me (Sue) if you’d like me to write about another topic 🙂

free puppy info teeth infographic 1/2
free puppy info teeth infographic 2/2
free puppy info toilet training infographic
free puppy info toilet training infographic

Free Puppy Info

These infographics should help with the basics in the first few weeks. It can be a rollercoaster- pups can very quickly go from adorable and gentle to painfully nippy and unresponsive. it’s very stressful, especially without knowing tiredness signs or what to do.


Additionally, the wait for their jab to take effect severely compromises their socialisation. The timing of jabs coincides with a crucial developmental stage. We behaviour people wish that socialisation could safely be given more priority. The answer, however, is to invite friends and family over.

Aim to get as many people as possible round to interact with the pup. Three new people every day is (the exhausting) ideal. Ensure to invite people of all shapes and sizes, including some in uniforms and friends of different ethnicity as well. Additionally, a steady stream of new mates should tire the pup and help to establish good energy management routines. It’s also wise to manage energy levels with play and well- timed rest. As training makes dogs think and concentrate, it makes them tired. If you have some tasks to do, head over in our hints and tips pages (here) as the section on how to practice training and has some trade secrets that make training your dog as fun, easy and effective as possible.

Further reading

Whilst we’re on the subject, there’s also useful info in our hints and tips pages. Infographics, discussions and thought pieces are grouped together because everything is freely available to everyone. The info is free from password protection, unlike the rest of the support library page. We have some fascinating stuff over there- body language translation guide, a puppy buying guide, the pros and cons of neutering and also a very deep dive into dog training theory- why the idea of a pack leader can’t work. Please check it out!

Lastly, some of the infographics here are duplicated there, in different, separate, labelled sections. I’ve tried to make it obvious as possible. 

This free puppy info is an excerpt from Sue’s book- available here