Testimonials and Reviews

How should we list our reviews and testimonials?

Every way we try they look cheesy, naff or like we’ve made them up ourselves!

Why we get good reviews

Here at Affinity Dog Training we try really hard to make sure our customers are happy. We bust our guts so that each dog and owner achieve their goals and have fun together. We do two kinds of training- training classes, so that the dogs has manners and is safe, which is mostly done in class- the dogs know how to sit , how to wait, how to leave- it and so on. We also do individual appointments, which are mostly helping owners iron out a problem or quirk.

Training classes- training for safety  and manners

We roughly follow the Kennel Club and ADTB curriculum, but we’ve occasionally thrown the rule book out of the window-

* We teach leave it very early on, believing that “impulse control” is hugely important for all dogs, especially puppies who put everything in their mouths.

* We don’t make people walk their dogs only on the left- in real life this just isn’t always so convenient, so we teach change (and heel left and right in the more advanced classes).

* People don’t do the tasks one at a time, everyone has a go all at once. Working with the distractions of the other dogs sometimes is hard, but it is important lesson for real life.

* Classrooms aren’t like the real world, but we can do our best to teach things that are useful and practical. We try to make it fun too, so we teach tricks, turn, weave, paw and so on.


Behaviour adjustment- which is mostly done in one to one appointments

Things like dogs who reacts badly when they see another dog.

We tell our customers why their dog is behaving the way they are – and we know because we read. And read and read. Then go to seminars, then read a bit more. Data from surveys, analysis from articles, scientific facts. We don’t have a magic wand, we don’t “mystically” understand dogs, so what we learn we can tell our customers. So owners know the whats, the whys, the hows and wherefores, with references, if they want.

Because we have spent a long time studying, we know when a lesson is boring or interesting and work hard to make even the most dull task as interesting and as fun as we can. Like most people we like to have a laugh and we find that people remember stuff more when they’re enjoying themselves. This means they enjoy themselves more, learn quicker and improve faster.



So occasionally someone posts a thank you card, or sends us an email or text, or writes something in the comments box on this site. We’re always chuffed,  proud and thankful. But how do we put them up on the site so they don’t look cheesy?

What format ought it be?  Here’s one from last October that a customer sent to us after a one to one appointment, after a basic training masterclass:

Affinity Dog Training…..a BIG THANK YOU. After only an hours home visit both I and Maddie are excited,tired and bursting with new treats,tricks and knowledge.All ready to start our homework. I already am so happy you both were so nice and genuine. Thank you xxx

It’s absolutely lovely to get just good reviews, but don’t be shy in telling us if  we could do better … we’d also like to know how we could improve! 🙂