What toys would you recommend- survey!

Toys: what made you impressed (or depressed)?

Let’s find out what’s worth our money and what’s worth avoiding.

Thank you to everyone who contributed towards last week’s Facebook discussions… links and results at the end of the post! 


Whilst this is a general survey so we can all get an idea of what type of toys are the most fun and the best value, if you’d like to recommend (or warn others about) a particular toy or brand, please explain in the comments box 🙂 

What sort of toy is your dog's favourite?

What sort of toy stays in the bottom of the box?

Is the best toy ...

When you buy a toy, what do you look for

Pick one- they're the same price
I look out for certain brands

Have you ever hidden a toy your dog loved because the noise was annoying?

Surprising hit
Surprising miss

Thank you!

It’s new software and I can’t make it post individual results (let alone everyone’s together) so I will post the results in a few days,

On Facebook, people agreed that Kong toys was robust and that antler horns were fun and good value 

how long do your dogs toys last? here's Willow with a £5 duck … it lasts about 12 seconds (FYI the vid is about 4…

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