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Hints and Tips

Hints and tips… pick a subject and follow the link!


Hints and tips index page

There’s no order to this information- basically pick and chose the hints and tips as you’d like. We hope you’ll find the infographics informative, interesting and entertaining.

If you’re intending to adopt a new puppy, look no further than the puppy purchasing guide. It has many snippets of helpful info to will come in handy when considering a breeder. In order to help the adoption process move smoothly, we look at the the standard KC contract and look deeper into some important points.

Once the new pup has arrived, then check out the hints and tips in the toilet training, teething and food sections. The guidelines are very sensible and easy to follow. It’s written to make life with a young dog easier, more fun and significantly less stressful. You’ll be able to start the puppy off on the right paw knowing how to organise your day and avoid problem moments so that the puppy grows up happily and healthily.

Insider trade secrets!

The pack leader and neutering pages have more thorough deep dives, making for longer and more thought provoking reads. We’d like to hear what you think- please let us know! The references are interesting in themselves and make great further reading.

Some of these infographics are collected and available in our support library (here), It’s another index page, only for customers. The infographic packages are arranged by topic and course and are all password protected. We wanted something freely available specifically for anyone who’s gone down a rabbit hole and ended up there.

These pages of hints and tips were initially written for the information pack given to new owners of our puppies. By Sue Lyall MA CANTAB, Affinity Dog Training, Northampton.

Sue has a book out! Check it out here