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Welcome to Affinity Dog Training (Northampton) Home Page!

Next classes start Tuesday 13th August 2024 at 7pm. Click on the picture links below for more info & prices.


 Make life easier with simple, practical and down to earth training. We only use kind methods from behavioural science.

Fun classes for all the family- focusing on nice manners and good behaviour in a relaxed and happy atmosphere. We always get to know each family and know what’s going on so we can adapt the training to suit. Abington community centre. 

As behaviour experts we troubleshoot any issue in 1-2-1’s with amazing results.

We have many years of study and experience- including reactive rehabilitation.

Affinity were on top of the Google rankings for 10 years… What happened? The short answer is we were hacked.

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Affinity Dog Training Northampton: Home link to training tips page

Affinity Dog Training Northampton: Home infographic no.1
Affinity Dog Training Northampton: Home infographic no. 2/3
Affinity Dog Training Northampton: Home infographic no.3

Check out Sue’s book! We carry (paperback) copies- there’s kindle, paperback and hardback versions on Amazon.

Written in the same style as the infographics above, Sue’s book includes every task from every course and more besides. It has over 100 pages, each taking over 30 hours to write, draw and edit. The info is really clear and easy to read, despite the detail. Funny cartoons and comic style layouts compliment the simple instructions, so Sue’s book is easily understood by both adults and children. Click on the link for more info!

alternatively here

BSL for dog training opportunity

Sue’s learning British Sign Language presently. She’s looking for conversation/ receptive practice partners at the moment. Anyone fancy a skill swap? Hopefully there’s someone in Northampton (with a couple of hours to spare every week or 2) willing to help Sue polish her BSL, in exchange for some dog training. Please get in touch if you’re interested!

Home- Affinity Dog Training

home page cartoon

This is the Affinity dog trainers home page, we’re based in Northampton UK. We’ve been training for years and we’re proud of our many customers and their happy, polite dogs.

Here at Affinity, we train how dogs learn, using science based methods that are kind and proven to work. As we specialise in behaviour, we understand emotions and provide easy, effective solutions. We have the most fun in class but get the most job satisfaction rehabilitating reactive/ aggressive dogs. Appointments are on the park or in the customers home, simply because diagnosing and troubleshooting behaviour is best done where it’s most likely to happen. Classes are in Abington Community Centre.

We don’t collect data for anything

most importantly 3rd party sale.

Our site

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We hope you find our site interesting, I’ve been told it can be surprisingly entertaining! We’d love to hear suggestions and comments, so if you can think of something to tell us or ask us, then please get in touch. We pride ourselves on being approachable, straightforward and dedicated people and we welcome all comments- equally good and bad. Especially the bad things as they will help us to do better in the future. We like to think that we’re the personable and approachable sort of trainers who’d be friendly. As we’re really nerdy about dogs, we’re always very happy to talk about our best furry friends.

Our site has lots of pages, so from here (home) you can go to pages outlining our services and/ or others with information about us and dog training theory. A section with advice for people with new puppies is available in 2 places- firstly training tips of which it composes the majority of pages. It’s also in a separate section in the library.

The library is a part of customer support and we’re especially proud of it. Many hours went into making the infographics that detail each task, how to use them and how to level them up- in order to make life easier. These infographics are organised into bundles that are appropriate for each service and also each customer. There’s comparatively smaller sections of single tasks and larger sections of notes for our classes.

Not all of our site is available to everyone

home page pic infographic how to train1/5

There are bundles in the library that are the course notes for our class and others that contain help and advice for specific problems. They’re password protected. Subsequently, we personally give out the passwords to each infographic bundle- so we can feel safe in the knowledge that every customer has the right information at their fingertips.

The pages detail the things we say to our customers, so there shouldn’t be too much new stuff. Having everything written down just feels reassuring. If you notice that we’re missing a subject, and would like us to make a new infographic about something, then please let us know!

Well, that’s about it for the home page. We hope you enjoy our site and please do get in contact. Lastly and always, there’s no such thing as a silly question!