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Puppy/ dog training classes in Northampton

Make life easier with a polite, happy and safe family dog!

Fun and informative puppy dog behaviour, training and socialisation.

Next classes start Tuesday 13th August 2024 at 7pm

Affinity dog training classes (Northampton):

Small classes (limited to no more than 6 dogs) with two dedicated and supportive behaviour specialists- who only use kind and positive methods. Training is adapted for each family and dog.

The focus is practical with many behavioural things. Examples would be: what to do about jumping up, how to tell a toy from a sock, how to foster confidence and encourage good doggie interactions. We step it up for those that have a clever dog or get into the training. So if you already know some things, we’ll chat then work on the next level, whatever that may be. If a dog knows how to sit, we’ll then work on doing it to a subtle hand signal, or at a distance, or combine it with something else for help with a sticky moment… whatever is useful.

Training is always geared towards making daily life easier. When we do a task, we’ll say when to use it. Leave, for example, has several different levels and many every day uses. These include getting the dog to leave something yucky on the pavement/ park floor, or ignoring the grumpy dog, broken glass, discarded tissue, or bird/ squirrel, or when you drop medication/ chocolate, when something pings off from the chopping board, when the dog takes laundry or tries to chew a wire…

Classes cover general training and behaviour

For all ages of dogs- from puppies to new rescues. They learn how to interact happily with their classmates as well as how to focus and listen, regardless of the situation and environment.

We’re very proud of our support system– phone/ text/ email support at any time and there’s class notes for all levels. There’s handy hints and tips with funny little cartoons, making everything super easy to remember and do.

Families are welcome in our relaxed and happy dog training classes. Sue’s qualified to teach and it’s amazing to see the children outshine us adults. We charge per dog, and there is no upper limit to the number of people.

An hour a week for 6 weeks in Abington Community Centre (NN3 2HH). £120. Tuesdays or Thursdays at 7pm. Beginner, intermediated and advanced courses available.


Dog training classes (Northampton) In a nutshell

dog training classes NorthamptonNew dog training classes start every 6 weeks in Abington Community Centre, Northampton

Beginner classes are 7 to 8pm on either a Tuesday or a Thursday, advanced class is 8 to 9pm on Tuesdays. Although if there’s enough demand, we’ll put on an extra class on Thursdays at 8.

Classes are small so everyone gets lots of individual attention as a result. Questions and requests are always welcome!

There are 3 courses available, for those who wish to train for safety and control in every situation imaginable. From Beginner to Gold, it takes 18 weeks. During Gold, weekend sessions with Sue is added in (free of charge). It’s a good time to make sure things are going well (and troubleshoot if not). One key thing to check is how well the dog can listen in an interesting and fun environment- even though it’s an easy (and reasonably quick) fix, many people struggle to gain the dogs attention outside. This selective deafness is a major reason why many of our customers join us.

All classes are the same price:  £120 per dog (for an hour a week for 6 weeks). There’s a £20 discount for anyone wanting to pay for all 3 courses up front (so it’s 3 x £120= £360. £360 – £20 = £340). 

We’re  in Abington Community Centre, Wheatfield Road South, Northampton NN3 2HH (click here for a map)

To reserve a space: contact Sue and put your name on The List. (0751 976 2411).

Courses run every six weeks and are either on Tuesdays or Thursdays, 7 to 8pm

dog training classes NorthamptonStart dates for new classes (with spaces available)

13th August

10th and 12th Sept

22nd and 24th October

a dog concentrating in our training classes in Northampton

Our classes are informative and fun

In class, we train pet puppies and dogs so that family life is easier with less stress- and consequently more fun.

Because dogs learn best when they’re enjoying themselves, we have a light hearted approach to the serious business of dog training. We often receive lovely compliments, for example, our teaching style is “informal”, “caring” and “very effective”. Everyone says our enthusiasm for dogs (in general) and behaviour (specifically) is catching. Well- it’s fascinating!

We have never thrown out a dog for being too naughty or badly behaved for class… for us it’s a sign that we need to roll up our sleeves and help. (For the more serious behaviour problems, we usually would advise people to consider a one to one. Being able to concentrate on an issue gives us amazing results).

Affinity’s dog training classes Northampton- what we do in class:

With feedback, research and experience (as dog parents, walkers and trainers), we have arrived at a comprehensive list of tasks. They’re mostly practical, for instance leave that alone, come here, listening while excited. We also things just for fun in a weekly trick (like roll over). Because we train this way, we find that people are able to pass the equivalent of KC exams very easily. As such, in the beginner class, people take the second level (bronze) test. Whilst we don’t take the puppy exam as a rule, if you want to, you can.

We also teach how to occupy them so that they’re tired and content. In order to help gain focus and control while they are enjoying themselves, we teach with educational games such as “listening while excited”. Every week we do a trick or party piece- it’s great to see families having a laugh with their dogs and people tell us they love showing off the tricks to their family and friends.

We’re friendly…

Children are very welcome- we train family dogs so bring the whole family along. We aim to make life is easier. Sue is qualified to teach with 2 Cambridge degrees and, contrary to the old wives tale, thinks that working with children and dogs is fun. It’s amazing when children get the training bug, they often outshine us adults and make us all very proud.

Although we are a straight married couple, we are (proudly) LBGTQIA+ (Lesbian, Bi, Gay, Trans, Questioning, Intersexual, Asexual) friendly.  Who you date is none of our business- unless, of course, you have a fab love story, who doesn’t enjoy those 😉

Many of our customers have English as their second language. If you can hold a basic English conversation, then classes should be fine. Those who aren’t as confident are welcome to bring more fluent family members to help translate. Because we’re not strict on what words people use for the tasks we teach, Stu now knows the words for sit, leave, wait and well done in several languages! He’s good at remembering languages- faster than Sue, who tends to need to hear words more than once.


Billy is focussing and happy in Affinity dog training classes, NorthamptonDisabled people are also encouraged to come- the centre has ramps and is easily accessible.  Please let us know if you need any help with anything. We welcome requests, so please ask if you’d like us to teach your dog something specific to help in daily life. For example “pick that up” or “open the door”. Whatever you need, just ask. We are interested in this specialised training as Sue has a disability herself (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, like Netflix’s Maya). Sue has type 2. Although it’s the most painful incurable illness, it does not effect classes in any way.


Sue is currently learning British Sign Language (BSL), even though she’s a bit slow, she’s learning a lot. She’s been able to fingerspell since childhood and is currently working on vocabulary for an hour every day. So we’re dog trainers able to communicate with the deaf community. With the help of the course notes that simply and easily explain each task, we’re able to teach any dog BSL.

At the moment, Sue’s looking for conversation/ receptive practice partners and would like to skill swap. Hopefully there’s someone in Northampton (with a couple of hours to spare a week) willing to help Sue polish her BSL, in exchange for dog training. If you’re interested, please get in touch!

Further dog training classes (Northampton)

When someone passes the beginner bronze course, they are invited to join our Advanced Class, offering Silver and then Gold level training.

Class notes have been complied and put into a book! check it out here

Dog Training Classes Northampton: Map

Our dog training classes are held in Abington Community centre, Northampton. Click   here to open the map in a new tab: dog training classes Northampton, map